Two weeks ago our family moved to Haiti. After 9.5 years of Jeff finishing med school, residency and waiting for placement, the anticipated move finally happened. We sorted through all our belongings, shipped our container, packed up our luggage and made very good use of our Amazon prime account. The journey went surprisingly well with our 11 month old, Eden. She tends to be very vocal and high-pitched on airplanes but this time she slept through. Thank you, Jesus, THANK YOU.

God is merciful..

We arrive at PAP airport and count our 9 pieces of check-in bags, carry-on bags, and diaper bag plus stroller. Everything made it! We exit the bustling airport with some hired help and wheel everything out to the humid warmth of Haiti – it’s not as humid as I remembered. We are happy to see the familiar face of Mr. Michel, the hospital’s driver, greet us at the parking lot with the Haiti Adventist Hospital (HAH) ambulance ready to transport us to our new home on the hospital compound. Mr. Michel skillfully drives through the Port-au-Prince traffic, dodging/plowing through potholes and garbage, and weaving through traffic on both sides of the road while I sit in the back holding Eden tight in her carrier, bracing myself for the next bump. She doesn’t seem to mind too much and eventually falls asleep. 

Temporarily staying in the unit on the right, moving into the unit on the left next week.
A warm welcome 🙂

We push our way through the hospital gates (literally) and Mr. Michel drops us off at the volunteer housing units. The greenery within the hospital walls brings relief to our eyes and we are warmly welcomed by the volunteer family at HAH. Since then, we been living in a temporary space until our duplex unit is available. 

December in Haiti – keep forgetting in this tropical weather that Christmas is right around corner.
Enjoying simple comfort food – ramen

Our days are simple but busy. Wake up, play with Eden/prepare breakfast, Eden naps while we read our devotions and try to study Creole, Eden wakes up, go to the market to buy a bundle of bananas, 4 large mangos and 3 ginormous avocados all for 300 goud ($3!), eat lunch, play with Eden, Eden naps while we have 2 hours of Creole language training with a private tutor, Eden wakes up during or after Creole lessons, prepare and eat dinner, play with Eden, Eden goes night night, study Creole and do other miscellaneous things. We are so grateful to have this designated time in Haiti to focus on the language and settling in before Jeff starts working full time+ at the hospital. Eden has been adjusting well, eating happily, and moving constantly. She loves the mangoes. 

One of Dr. Scott Nelson’s “leisure” Sabbath hikes – huffing and puffing up the steep slopes.
Exhausted from the hike
The hospital driveway and newly constructed planter island
Afternoon stroll at the neighboring Adventist University campus
Happiest outside
The edge of the University campus

We really miss our family and friends back in the States. All the support and prayers we’ve been receiving has been overwhelming and so special. We feel so blessed and loved. 

LAX airport – Last look at our family before we go through security. ❤

The Call


Michelle and I received a phone call from the General Conference today informing us that our call to Hôpital Adventiste d’Haïti (HAH) has reached the GC level. We have been waiting for this call for some time. After our initial plans to serve as Deferred Missionary Appointees in Africa fell through last year, we did not know where God was leading us. But we had His Word:

Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you.I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there  you may be also.

John 14:1-3

In Christ Object Lessons, it says, “Not more surely is the place prepared for us in the heavenly mansions than is the special place designated on earth where we are to work for God.” COL 326.4. We knew that God had a place for us. Through a series of events starting last August with a text message from Dr. Scott Nelson, an inspiring orthopedic surgeon who currently lives at HAH, we are now preparing to move to Haiti. As we prepare to go, we will certainly treasure these remaining months with our friends and family here in the states. At the same time, we are very excited to see how God will lead us as we take the next steps of our journey. Please pray for us as we prepare to go to the place God has prepared for us.